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About FilmCars

FilmCars specializes in leasing vintage automobiles for motion pictures and related commercial photography, as well as special events and weddings. Begun in 1983 and based in New York City, we serve the film industry and private rentals in the tri-state region and beyond. We offer a wide selection of mostly American wheeled vehicles from as early as 1910 to as late as 1976.

We’re proud to have a talented team of experienced technicians and drivers and have steadily built a reputation on maintaining the highest standards of service and quality for every client. We’re very grateful for the tremendous praise we’ve received for both our corporate and individual work.

We’re happy to discuss your particular requirements for an assignment, whether it is for one or several vehicles. Over the years we’ve gained the experience of working with a number of reputable production companies, continuity editors, riggers and photographers, as well as stylists and wedding consultants. Whether your project is for a professional shoot or a personal event, your very special needs will be met by FilmCars.


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