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Our vehicles are available for events large and small, whether stationary or in motion. A partial list would include product and book launchings, indoor or tented affairs (corporate, educational centers and private), openings (place of business, theatre), parades and press events. Click here to view images and videos of some events FilmCars has been involved in.

Whether you’re in need of a specific vintage style or are simply looking to make a statement, we can work with your staff to make an effective presentation that will benefit any occasion. Click here to contact FilmCars about your event.


Checker Cab

The popularity of the Checker is undeniable.  It is a timepiece that has found a loyal following amongst true New Yorkers who see in it a reflection of Manhattan at its most formidable and sentimental.  Here is a car that countless millions – residents and tourists alike - rode in when they’d hail it on the city streets and from the experience grew memories of its matchless, jaunty ride.  We are always proud to see them being called in for private conveyances and topping this list would be the average 2 or 3 calls each year we receive to have one be drafted into service for a wedding.  As small a number as that may be, each time becomes almost like a short film of its own and we’ve been delighted to be a part of it.  When an eMail arrives and is titled Checker cab for a wedding or Checker taxi for a wedding or sometimes even Checkered cab for a wedding, we know full well the magic of that special car has been sighted once again and we’re there to have it be like someone has just captured for themselves a piece of  New York City!


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